A Healthy Diet for Quality Breastfeeding Still Maintained for Breastfeeding Mothers

A Healthy Diet for Quality Breastfeeding Still Maintained for Breastfeeding Mothers

A Healthy Diet for Quality Breastfeeding Still Maintained for Breastfeeding Mothers

When pregnant a woman’s weight will usually increase in height. When giving birth this weight will usually decrease, but can not return to normal weight before pregnancy. Many of these mothers give birth to worry, insecurity about their weight. Many breastfeeding mothers who want to go on a diet but are hampered for fear of having an impact on their children.

In fact, many breastfeeding mothers actually gain more weight because of their increased appetite while breastfeeding. So there are lots of questions about diet for breastfeeding mothers so that the bodyweight is slim and the mother remains healthy and the quality of breast milk is maintained.

Do not rush on a diet after childbirth

If you do this right away, your recovery period will be longer and you will feel more tired. Go on the fastest diet when your little one is 6 months old. Not only does it require energy to help with postpartum recovery, in the first 6 months breast milk is the only intake of the baby so quality and quantity are key to the growth of the baby.

Avoid strict diets until you experience drastic weight loss

A drastic and sudden decrease in calorie intake can make your body think of this as starvation. As a result, the body responds to this by reducing the amount of milk production. At least, you only experience a maximum weight loss of 450 grams per week and no more than this.

Choose a variety of foods so that the quality of breast milk is maintained

Keep consuming carbohydrates like brown rice which is rich in fibre as the main energy source. For protein, eggs, lean meat, fish, tofu, tempeh, and low milk are the best choices. Choose “good” fats like nuts, seeds, or olive oil. To cut calories, you can change the habit of eating fried foods with boiled or steamed.

Eat often with small portions

This method can help to prevent Moms eating snacks that contain high calories. Even if you still want to snack, replace your snacks with fresh fruit.

Inadequate intake of your drinking water every day to maintain body hydration

Moreover, the composition of the milk that you produce 88 per cent consists of water. So, consuming 11 glasses of water a day for breastfeeding is obligatory.

Feed the baby as often as possible

This method is a natural way that is proven to help you lose weight stably. Based on the results of the study, each ounce of the liquid milk that comes out of the breast secretes 20 calories, and the average baby consumes 25 ounces of breast milk every day for the first 6 months from birth. That is, nursing mothers, burn approximately 500 calories per day just by breastfeeding.

Exercise regularly

Of course Moms, any diet won’t work if it’s not accompanied by enough exercise. Exercise is not only able to help tighten muscles and condense bone mass but also makes your body more fresh and healthy. If Moms do not have much time, carry and take your baby jogging around the house.

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