ALCOHOL HAS NO FOOD VALUE – Alcohol has no meals worth and is exceedingly restricted in its motion as a remedial agent. Dr. Henry Monroe says, “each type of substance employed by man as meals consists of sugar, starch, oil and glutinous matter mingled collectively in varied proportions. These are designed for the assist of the animal body. The glutinous ideas of meals fibrine, albumen and casein are employed to construct up the construction whereas the oil, starch and sugar are mainly used to generate warmth within the physique”.

Now it’s clear that if alcohol is a meals, it will likely be discovered to include a number of of those substances. There have to be in it both the nitrogenous parts discovered mainly in meats, eggs, milk, greens and seeds, out of which animal tissue is constructed and waste repaired or the carbonaceous parts present in fats, starch and sugar, within the consumption of which warmth and power are developed.

“The distinctness of those teams of meals,” says Dr. Hunt, “and their relations to the tissue-producing and heat-evolving capacities of man, are so particular and so confirmed by experiments on animals and by manifold exams of scientific, physiological and medical expertise, that no try and discard the classification has prevailed. To attract so straight a line of demarcation as to restrict the one totally to tissue or cell manufacturing and the opposite to warmth and power manufacturing by extraordinary combustion and to disclaim any energy of interchangeability beneath particular calls for or amid faulty provide of 1 selection is, certainly, untenable. This doesn’t within the least invalidate the truth that we’re ready to make use of these as ascertained landmarks”.

How these substances when taken into the physique, are assimilated and the way they generate power, are well-known to the chemist and physiologist, who is in a position, within the mild of well-ascertained legal guidelines, to find out whether or not alcohol does or doesn’t possess a meals worth. For years, the ablest males within the medical career have given this topic essentially the most cautious research, and have subjected alcohol to each identified check and experiment, and the result’s that it has been, by widespread consent, excluded from the category of tissue-building meals. “We have now by no means,” says Dr. Hunt, “seen however a single suggestion that it might so act, and this a promiscuous guess. One author (Hammond) thinks it potential that it might ‘in some way’ enter into mixture with the merchandise of decay in tissues, and ‘beneath sure circumstances would possibly yield their nitrogen to the development of latest tissues.’ No parallel in natural chemistry, nor any proof in animal chemistry, may be discovered to encompass this guess with the areola of a potential speculation”.

Dr. Richardson says: “Alcohol accommodates no nitrogen; it has not one of the qualities of structure-building meals; it’s incapable of being remodeled into any of them; it’s, subsequently, not a meals in any sense of its being a constructive agent in increase the physique.” Dr. W.B. Carpenter says: “Alcohol can not provide something which is crucial to the true vitamin of the tissues.” Dr. Liebig says: “Beer, wine, spirits, and so forth., furnish no ingredient able to getting into into the composition of the blood, muscular fibre, or any half which is the seat of the precept of life.” Dr. Hammond, in his Tribune Lectures, by which he advocates the usage of alcohol in sure instances, says: “It isn’t demonstrable that alcohol undergoes conversion into tissue.” Cameron, in his Manuel of Hygiene, says: “There may be nothing in alcohol with which any a part of the physique may be nourished.” Dr. E. Smith, F.R.S., says: “Alcohol isn’t a real meals. It interferes with alimentation.” Dr. T.Okay. Chambers says: “It’s clear that we should stop to treat alcohol, as in any sense, a meals”.

“Not detecting on this substance,” says Dr. Hunt, “any tissue-making components, nor in its breaking apart any combos, resembling we’re in a position to hint within the cell meals, nor any proof both within the expertise of physiologists or the trials of alimentarians, it’s not fantastic that in it we must always discover neither the expectation nor the belief of constructive energy.”

Not discovering in alcohol something out of which the physique may be constructed up or its waste provided, it’s subsequent to be examined as to its heat-producing high quality.

1. Manufacturing of warmth

“The primary standard check for a force-producing meals,” says Dr. Hunt, “and that to which different meals of that class reply, is the manufacturing of warmth within the mixture of oxygen therewith. This warmth means very important power, and is, in no small diploma, a measure of the comparative worth of the so-called respiratory meals. If we look at the fat, the starches and the sugars, we will hint and estimate the processes by which they evolve warmth and are became very important power, and might weigh the capacities of various meals. We discover that the consumption of carbon by union with oxygen is the regulation, that warmth is the product, and that the legit result’s power, whereas the results of the union of the hydrogen of the meals with oxygen is water. If alcohol comes in any respect beneath this class of meals, we rightly look forward to finding a few of the evidences which connect to the hydrocarbons.”

What, then, is the results of experiments on this route? They’ve been performed by lengthy durations and with the best care, by males of the best attainments in chemistry and physiology, and the result’s given in these few phrases, by Dr. H.R. Wooden, Jr., in his Materia Medica. “Nobody has been in a position to detect within the blood any of the extraordinary outcomes of its oxidation.” That’s, nobody has been capable of finding that alcohol has undergone combustion, like fats, or starch, or sugar, and so given warmth to the physique.

2. Alcohol and discount of temperature

as an alternative of accelerating it; and it has even been utilized in fevers as an anti-pyretic. So uniform has been the testimony of physicians in Europe and America as to the cooling results of alcohol, that Dr. Wooden says, in his Materia Medica, “that it doesn’t appear value whereas to occupy house with a dialogue of the topic.” Liebermeister, one of the crucial realized contributors to Zeimssen’s Cyclopaedia of the Observe of Medication, 1875, says: “I lengthy since satisfied myself, by direct experiments, that alcohol, even in comparatively giant doses, doesn’t elevate the temperature of the physique in both effectively or sick individuals.” So effectively had this turn into identified to Arctic voyagers, that, even earlier than physiologists had demonstrated the truth that alcohol decreased, as an alternative of accelerating, the temperature of the physique, that they had realized that spirits lessened their energy to resist excessive chilly. “Within the Northern areas,” says Edward Smith, “it was proved that the whole exclusion of spirits was vital, to be able to retain warmth beneath these unfavorable situations.”

three. Alcohol doesn’t make you robust

If alcohol doesn’t include tissue-building materials, nor give warmth to the physique, it can not probably add to its power. “Each type of energy an animal can generate,” says Dr. G. Budd, F.R.S., “the mechanical energy of the muscle mass, the chemical (or digestive) energy of the abdomen, the mental energy of the mind accumulates by the vitamin of the organ on which it relies upon.” Dr. F.R. Lees, of Edinburgh, after discussing the query, and educing proof, remarks: “From the very nature of issues, it is going to now be seen how inconceivable it’s that alcohol may be strengthening meals of both type. Because it can not turn into part of the physique, it can not consequently contribute to its cohesive, natural power, or fastened energy; and, because it comes out of the physique simply because it went in, it can not, by its decomposition, generate warmth power.”

Sir Benjamin Brodie says: “Stimulants don’t create nervous energy; they merely allow you, because it had been, to make use of up that which is left, after which they depart you extra in want of relaxation than earlier than.”

Baron Liebig, to this point again as 1843, in his “Animal Chemistry,” identified the fallacy of alcohol producing energy. He says: “The circulation will seem accelerated on the expense of the power accessible for voluntary movement, however with out the manufacturing of a higher quantity of mechanical power.” In his later “Letters,” he once more says: “Wine is sort of superfluous to man, it’s always adopted by the expenditure of energy” whereas, the actual operate of meals is to present energy. He provides: “These drinks promote the change of matter within the physique, and are, consequently, attended by an inward lack of energy, which ceases to be productive, as a result of it’s not employed in overcoming outward difficulties i.e., in working.” In different phrases, this nice chemist asserts that alcohol abstracts the facility of the system from doing helpful work within the area or workshop, to be able to cleanse the home from the defilement of alcohol itself.

The late Dr. W. Brinton, Doctor to St. Thomas’, in his nice work on Dietetics, says: “Cautious commentary leaves little doubt reasonable dose of beer or wine would, usually, directly diminish the utmost weight which a wholesome particular person might elevate. Psychological acuteness, accuracy of notion and delicacy of the senses are all to this point opposed by alcohol, as that the utmost efforts of every are incompatible with the ingestion of any reasonable amount of fermented liquid. A single glass will typically suffice to take the sting off each thoughts and physique, and to cut back their capability to one thing under their perfection of labor.”

Dr. F.R. Lees, F.S.A., writing with regards to alcohol as a meals, makes the next citation from an essay on “Stimulating Drinks,” printed by Dr. H.R. Madden, as way back as 1847: “Alcohol isn’t the pure stimulus to any of our organs, and therefore, capabilities carried out in consequence of its utility, are likely to debilitate the organ acted upon.

Alcohol is incapable of being assimilated or transformed into any natural proximate precept, and therefore, can’t be thought-about nutritious.

The power skilled after the usage of alcohol isn’t new power added to the system, however is manifested by calling into train the nervous power pre-existing.

The last word exhausting results of alcohol, owing to its stimulant properties, produce an unnatural susceptibility to morbid motion in all of the organs, and this, with the plethora superinduced, turns into a fertile supply of illness.

An individual who habitually exerts himself to such an extent as to require the each day use of stimulants to keep at bay exhaustion, could also be in comparison with a machine working beneath excessive stress. He’ll turn into rather more obnoxious to the causes of illness, and will definitely break down ahead of he would have performed beneath extra favorable circumstances.

The extra often alcohol is had recourse to for the aim of overcoming emotions of debility, the extra it will likely be required, and by fixed repetition a interval is at size reached when it can’t be foregone, except response is concurrently caused by a brief complete change of the habits of life.

four. Pushed to the wall

Not discovering that alcohol possesses any direct alimentary worth, the medical advocates of its use have been pushed to the belief that it’s a type of secondary meals, in that it has the facility to delay the metamorphosis of tissue. “By the metamorphosis of tissue is supposed,” says Dr. Hunt, “that change which is continually happening within the system which includes a relentless disintegration of fabric; a breaking apart and avoiding of that which is now not aliment, making room for that new provide which is to maintain life.” One other medical author, in referring to this metamorphosis, says: “The significance of this course of to the upkeep of life is instantly proven by the injurious results which observe upon its disturbance. If the discharge of the excrementitious substances be in any manner impeded or suspended, these substances accumulate both within the blood or tissues, or each. In consequence of this retention and accumulation they turn into toxic, and quickly produce a derangement of the very important capabilities. Their affect is principally exerted upon the nervous system, by which they produce most frequent irritability, disturbance of the particular senses, delirium, insensibility, coma, and eventually, demise.”

“This description,” remarks Dr. Hunt, “appears virtually meant for alcohol.” He then says: “To assert alcohol as a meals as a result of it delays the metamorphosis of tissue, is to assert that it in a roundabout way suspends the traditional conduct of the legal guidelines of assimilation and vitamin, of waste and restore. A number one advocate of alcohol (Hammond) thus illustrates it: ‘Alcohol retards the destruction of the tissues. By this destruction, power is generated, muscle mass contract, ideas are developed, organs secrete and excrete.’ In different phrases, alcohol interferes with all these. No surprise the creator ‘isn’t clear’ the way it does this, and we’re not clear how such delayed metamorphosis recuperates.

5. Not an originator of significant power

which isn’t identified to have any of the standard energy of meals, and apply it to the double assumption that it delays metamorphosis of tissue, and that such delay is conservative of well being, is to go outdoors of the bounds of science into the land of distant potentialities, and confer the title of adjuster upon an agent whose company is itself uncertain.

Having didn’t establish alcohol as a nitrogenous or non-nitrogenous meals, not having discovered it amenable to any of the evidences by which the food-force of aliments is usually measured, it won’t do for us to speak of profit by delay of regressive metamorphosis except such course of is accompanied with one thing evidential of the actual fact one thing scientifically descriptive of its mode of accomplishment within the case at hand, and except it’s proven to be virtually fascinating for alimentation.

There may be little doubt that alcohol does trigger defects within the processes of elimination that are pure to the wholesome physique and which even in illness are sometimes conservative of well being.

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