When is the Best Time to Exercise According to Our Muscles?

When is the Best Time to Exercise According to Our Muscles?

When is the Best Time to Exercise According to Our Muscles?

When do you usually exercise? Is it in the morning after waking up in the morning? Or in the afternoon when you have finished doing all the activities and then take the time to exercise? Or even at night? To make exercise more effective and have an impact on health, you need to know the ‘alarm’ that the muscles have for exercising.

A recent study stated that muscles and body skeletons have their own time and alarm in determining when to exercise and when to stop. Then, which is the best time to do the exercise of the 24 hours we have in a day?

Muscle has its schedule for the effective exercise

Did you know that all cells in the body have their hours and schedules to do their job? This natural body clock is called a circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms regulate the body’s time when to eat, sleep, wake up, or perform various other functions. So, if you have 24 hours a day, the body will automatically regulate and determine mealtime and other activities.

All cells have circadian rhythms, including the muscles we use to do various activities. A study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University, states that the circadian rhythm of the muscles makes all the movements it produces more effective. Therefore it is important to know the natural clock of the muscle.

According to research: exercise is better if during the day

The study, published in the Journal Cell Metabolism, carried out experiments on mice to find out whether muscles have a natural clock for activity. From these experiments, it is known that mice are more active running on toys that spin while doing it at night. Rats are animals that are nocturnal or more active at night.

The researchers concluded that the gene linked to regulating the circadian rhythm of mice worked very effectively at night. The mouse’s gene is also owned by humans. And because in contrast to mice, humans are more active during the day, researchers assume that humans will be more effective at exercising during the day.

How does the natural clock of the muscles make exercise more effective?

Based on this study, researchers also found that circadian rhythms in muscles regulate response and energy use efficiency. Circadian rhythms are regulated by specific genes related to the ability of cells to produce energy. This ability is the most important thing in the occurrence of muscle contractions.

Under normal circumstances, when the muscles are at rest or stretching, the muscles will take oxygen that is flowed through blood vessels and convert it into energy. Meanwhile, when you start doing strenuous activities, such as running, the body will use more oxygen and cause oxygen to run out quickly. The process of making energy that does not use oxygen will produce lactic acid.

When genes that work to regulate circadian rhythms are inactive – like at night – then the production of oxygen that is supposed to be carried out by muscle cells will be more difficult and reduced. This, of course, can cause a buildup of lactic acid in the body. Excessive buildup of lactic acid can cause a person to feel cramps.

Exercising in the morning is also good

Another study has conducted research related to the benefits of exercising in the morning. This study aimed at doing moderate-intensity exercise for 45 minutes can reduce hunger. In this study, an exercise in the morning can also increase physical activity for a full day. However, it should be noted if you do sports in the morning, fill your stomach for about 2 hours before doing sports. This will prevent abdominal pain when exercising.

What about sports in the afternoon and evening?

If indeed you are very busy and do not have time in the morning to do sports then it is not a problem exercising in the evening or evenings. A study conducted in 2011 stated that people who exercise for 35 minutes before they sleep, the quality of sleep will be better.

Other research also shows the same thing, the National Sleep Foundation found as many as 83% of people who do exercise before going to sleep, claiming that they sleep more soundly than those who do not exercise.

How do you start to exercise?

When you experience difficulties or don’t know where to start, try talking with your doctor or health professional about your plans to exercise. After that, start by incorporating more activities into your daily life.

For example like the following simple example:

  • When going to the office, try to choose the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator.
  • If you are taking public transportation, stop at the bus stop or terminal which is some distance from the office. Travel the remaining distance on a leisurely walk.
  • You can also take the time to take a walk or just go up and downstairs before and after lunch.
  • When on vacation, instead of just watching TV all day you can do physical activities like walking in the park, trying to swim, or just jogging in the morning.

Sometimes a small change in your daily routine can help you become more active in sports. Instead of going straight to the gym or just a treadmill, try to walk leisurely or jog around the neighborhood you live in first.

Gradually the body will also adjust to the activities you do. After that, then you can switch to heavier sports, such as lifting weights, or even freeletics.

Exercise is a very important thing for everyone to do so that they can stay fit every day. With exercise, usually, a person will rarely get sick. Even more so if the person is always supplementing his food with healthy food, or even using an important supplement.

Many people do not understand that supplements will be very useful for everyone. Though the fact they will enjoy a very healthy feeling that is extraordinary without having to buy at expensive prices.

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